Bizzy, who gave birth alone on piles of leaves and branches in the freezing cold is doing fine.
3 min readJan 23, 2021

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Bizzy, who gave birth alone on piles of leaves and branches in the freezing cold is doing fine.

Bizzy got medical check-ups. She seems to be about two years old, and a deep wound that had been tied to something for a long time was found on her front leg. The vet said it was fortunate that necrosis did not happen.

In addition, one of her teeth is completely broken. Given that the teeth in the same direction as the hurt leg were broken, it seems to be that she was trying to tear off the the snare or knot tying her leg. Perhaps Bizzy could have saved herself by losing her teeth.

What’s even more shocking is that several angles of X-ray have found a substance that appears to be a bullet. It is a 1.5cm-long metallic material that is estimated to be a bullet.

A wound in the leg, a broken front teeth, a substance believed to be a bullet, and a birth in the freezing cold. It’s not hard to guess how Bizzy lived. We are very proud of Bizzy that she is alive here because we know how hard it is to live as a stray dog.

Bizzy took very good care of her babies even in the middle of the cold winter. Unlike Bizzy, who looks uncomfortable even in a warm room, babies who don’t know anything are busy digging into cozy blankets that they’ve never laid down before. By the time the babies are weaned, Bizzy’s bullet removal surgery will be carried out.

Bizzy’s life begins again now. The process will not be just smooth until Bizzy treats the wounds of her body and mind and meets a family she will spend the rest of her life with. However, with the power of love and time, we believe Bizzy will live a peaceful and happy life as a pet dog.

Please give Bizzy much love and support. KARA will protect Bizzy and the babies.

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