Dogs that became ‘edible dogs.’ — Rescue dog Garwell from Singok-dong slaughterhouse.
4 min readAug 5, 2021

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Garwell is a long haired Welsh Corgi who was rescued from the slaughterhouse in Singok-dong, Uijeongbu on the 17th.

When we raided the slaughterhouse in Singok-dong, the butcher had already slaughtered a dog using an electric iron skewer and put it in a boiling water.

The place where the butcher killed the dogs with an electric iron skewer was right next to the cages. The dogs in the cage would have been watching the terrible slaughter for the whole time. Blood and intestines were rotting in the slaughterhouse, and the dogs were shaking in fear, but there was a dog wagging its tail to us. It was Garwell. We doubted our eyes, but Garwell was a Welsh Corgi, who was often seen around.

As the rescue began, dogs who liked people could be brought out quickly. Garwell also came out of the slaughterhouse in the arms of an activist. While looking through Garwell’s body, we noticed something strange. Some of her back hair fell out and her bare skin was exposed. Since most of the dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse have severe skin diseases, Garwell was also assumed to have a skin problem, but the medical results came out different.

Garwell’s wound was identified as a “burn”. Careful removal of the ragged fur made the burn more visible. We could not determine if the burn was caused by physical or chemical factors, but it definitely required continuous treatment. In addition, ticks and fleas were found all over the body, and heartworm kits tested positive. The infection might have occurred during the process of going through dog auction, dog farm, slaughterhouse, etc. Treatment for anemia from heartworms was also urgent, and Garwell had to be hospitalized for a while.

Garwell is estimated to be five to six years old. Whether Garwell was intentionally abandoned or inadvertently lost, Garwell was sold from a dog auction house to a dog slaughterhouse and was rescued just before the slaughter.

Imagine what Garwell might have thought when she saw another dog trapped in a cage dying of an electric slaughter. Do you think she remembered a good time with her family? Was she waiting for her family to pick her up? It is clear that Garwell, who was trapped in a hell of a slaughterhouse, also has good memories and beliefs about people. We hope that the burn marks on Garwell’s back are not wounds on the mind but just on the body.

Garwell is currently in stable condition with hospitalization. Garwell’s treatment for heartworms, which are rare in pet dogs, is unlikely to end in a short period of time. Please continue to support and give love to Garwell so that she can overcome heartworms and grow soft fur again even with burns.

Garwell was waiting for someone without forgetting good memories of people.

Earlier this month, from the slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang-si to the slaughterhouse in Singok-dong, Uijeongbu, a total of 49 animals were rescued just before death and started a new life. We sincerely hope for their happiness, and we ask for your continued love and support.

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