Gwangmyeong, Punish the butcher who slaughters dogs by hanging and crack down on illegal dog farms!
3 min readMay 19, 2021


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Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) received a series of anonymous reports that dogs were hung to death while still conscious, at a dog farm in Gwangmyeong City’s redevelopment area. In the video taken by an informant, a dog was dying in pain, hanging from its neck. The informant said that the dog farm has more than 200 dogs which are caged and left unattended. The dogs are hammered or hanged to death for their ‘meat’. KARA secured footage as evidence and identified the dog farm where the slaughter takes place, in order to gather more accurate information.

The dog farm on the site was surrounded by factories and small shops, and even an elementary school nearby. If nearby residents paid a little attention, it would be obvious that there was a suspicious dog farm in their vicinity. The inside of the dog farm was far worse than we had imagined. Underneath the cages, were piles of trash and secretions, and in all the bowls were dried, dirty food waste, and no water bowls.

Cages have been rusting — evidence that the cages have been there for a very long time. The cages made of wooden boards, stretching throughout the farm, invoke a sad and morbid thought of how many dogs had been slaughtered there. The cages were facing each other. The dogs could have seen the scene of hanging and killing happening on the other side, instilling fear and dread of what will happen to them, too. There were about 60 dogs counted as observed during daylight, and black goats were also being raised on one side of the farm.

Under the current Animal Protection Act, killing dogs in cruel ways, such as hanging them, is a serious crime. The abuser can be jailed up to three years or a fined up to 30 million won (approximately $26,000 USD). In addition, dog farms with a facility area of 60㎡ or more, must report on livestock manure treatment facilities. The so-called ‘edible dog’ farms scattered across the country, are left unattended with little investigation or supervision at the local government level.

KARA filed a complaint against the dog farm in early April 2021 at Gwangmyeong Police Station and received a notice of the result of the investigation a few days ago, saying, “Acknowledged the violation of the Animal Protection Act and decided to send to prosecution.” However, stronger voices must be spoken from now on for the severe punishment of the abuser and the closure of the dog farm. KARA will also continue to make uninterrupted efforts to close the dog farm, a hotbed of severe animal abuse.

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