January 2024 — Monthly update from ARK shelter in Korea

2 min readFeb 28, 2024


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Dear Supporters,

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ban on dog meat in South Korea. This is a great achievement for sure. Not only are the farms illegal now, but sales of dog meat are also banned. We welcome this brave new step and urge the government not to stop there but to keep the momentum going by making it easy for the farmers to transition out of the business. Based on 2023 estimates (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-67920167), South Korea still has around 1,600 dog meat restaurants and 1,200 dog farms.

Now, let’s look at the reality.
The dogs from the meat farms are typically left to the already stretched local shelters, and sadly, many of them won’t get to live happily ever after. South Korean local governments do not have shelters for 500,000 dogs from the meat farms. So far, no mention of financial support for the shelters has been made in any government briefing.

We can change that by adopting and bringing these dogs into our lives. These dogs are not any different from your pet. You can show the world how these dogs are just like any other dog. ARK still has about 130 dogs from the dog meat farm, and the biggest hurdle we face when adopting them out is the misconception people have about them.

They are no longer scared dogs. Thanks to the staff and the 2,500 volunteers who came to help last year, the dogs finally have learned LOVE and what the loving eyes of a person mean. They are no longer hungry dogs. Thanks to the many generous donors like you, we can now provide them with food and snacks. They are no longer sick dogs. Thanks to the many sponsors like you, we can take them to the vet should there be signs of illness.

The dogs now know that a LEASH means a walk, not a trip to the slaughterhouse. The dogs now know that a BROOM means having their pen cleaned, not receiving a beating.

It is said that the meat farmers mixed Jindos, Tosa Dogs, Retrievers, and Great Danes to create big, docile dogs like teddy bears. And the word from all the fosters here is that All ARK dogs are just like teddy bears. Big, soft, cuddly bears.

We would love for you to be a part of their journey home. Please reach out if you can adopt or foster a dog or want to hear more. If adopting a dog is not an option for you, you can still help us by donating. Every little bit of care does cost us, sometimes an arm and a leg, and your help is greatly appreciated.

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Monthly donations are also available:
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Thank you! 🙏 💗 🐕

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