Sister City Campaign — Gwangju, South Korea — San Antonio, Texas
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San Antonio, Texas: Tell your Sister City, Gwangju, South Korea, that you oppose the torture and consumption of dogs and cats.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Gwangju Mayor Kang Gi-jung

Gwangju became a Sister City to San Antonio, Texas, in 1981.

Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor Lee Yong-seop attended the unveiling ceremony of ‘Sister Cities, Light of Friendship,’ a donated sculpture from San Antonio, USA, held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Seo-gu on the afternoon of 10/24/2019. The sculpture unveiling ceremony is held with guests, including the Globalization Promotion Council members. Break News.

In Gwangju, there are numerous dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants where the dogs, who have been tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging, or beating; and then thrown into boiling water — sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry and are subject to the same cruelty.

South Korea’s dog farms. ARK119.
Video: Imprisoning dogs in raised wire cages in South Korea’s dog meat farms is extreme cruelty!

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Gwangju’s dog meat demand.

Two searches on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) — one was for so-called “Health Centers,” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju), and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants” — resulted in dozens of Health Centers and dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Gwangju.

Even if half of these ‘Health’ Centers and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be present in Gwangju to supply these outlets.

There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption, yet these laws are blatantly ignored.

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Documentary: Cruel Death of South Korea’s Dogs. Dogs Are Innocent.(한국 댕댕이 잔혹사: 개는 죄가 없다)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi

“한 국가의 위대함과 도덕성은 그 나라의 동물들이 어떻게 대우받고 있는지를 보면 알 수 있다.” -마하트마 간디



We are a group of volunteer campaigners who are opposed to dog and cat consumption in South Korea.