Sister City Campaign — Gyeongju, South Korea — Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii, Italy: Tell Sister City, Gyeongju, South Korea, that you oppose the torture and consumption of dogs and cats.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Gyeongju Mayor Joo Nak-Young
The Gyeongju city delegation headed by Gyeongju Mayor Baek Sang-Seung made an official visit to Pompeii, Italy, a sister city, on 3/9/2007.
Video: Gyeongju Angang Market, South Korea. Jang Seung-Yeon.
Dog meat markets with onsite slaughter facilities still remaining in South Korea are Daegu Chilseong Market and Gyeongju Angang Market. Gyeonghyang News, 7/4/19. (도축시설 있는 개 시장, 이제 ‘대구 칠성’ ‘경주 안강’ 남았다)

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Gyeongju’s dog meat demand.

Two searches on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) — one was for so-called “Health Centers,” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju), and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants” — resulted in dozens of “Health Centers” and dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Gyeongju.



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We are a group of volunteer campaigners who are opposed to dog and cat consumption in South Korea.