Update: Uijeongbu Shingok-dong slaughterhouse gave up ownership of the dogs, and KARA successfully rescued them!

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31 rescue dogs from the Singok-dong slaughterhouse in Uijeongbu began their new lives!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), with the help of KK9R, completed the rescue of all 31 dogs in the slaughterhouse. KARA is now responsible for 16 dogs and KK9R for 15 dogs. Rescues will have new names and start a new life. The Edible Dog Association argues there are ‘edible dogs’, but there aren’t. The dogs rescued from the Singok-dong slaughterhouse are just like any other dogs.

A new life of 31 dogs has begun. According to the transaction statement found at the slaughterhouse, the dogs were bought for about 2 million won($1,731 USD) from the auction house that opened at 1:30 on July 16 and were brought to the slaughterhouse. They were caged, and had to watch their friends being slaughtered in such a cruel way.

The first dog to be rescued from the slaughterhouse was Sunny, a black dog. From the moment the activists came in, the little dog, leaned its head on the activist’s arms. Sunny, whose fur was all greasy, might have been brutally slaughtered and used as soup meat if it weren’t for us.

After calming and soothing other dogs who didn’t want to come out of the cage, the rescue operation was done as quickly as possible. The slaughterhouse was empty with only dirty cages and tools. The butcher will be punished for illegal slaughter and illegal business, and there will be no more innocent deaths at this slaughterhouse.

Dogs that were left in poor condition have severe dermatitis and other skin infections need various infectious disease tests and medical treatments. Dogs with trauma who have watched the slaughter scene will also need time to regain trust of humans. There were dogs with severe diarrhea symptoms, and some dogs were suspected to have hernia. Some dogs were lying in the cages because they had begun to be so weak. Four dogs in critical condition were immediately taken to a hospital. Sick and intimidated rescue dogs must bravely carry out their difficult journey, including treatment and socialization, until adoption.

KARA had already rescued 33 dogs from a slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang on July 1, and the dogs are currently being treated or in foster care. Again, it is not easy for KARA, a civic group without government support, but we promise to take good care of the rescue dogs from the Singok-dong slaughterhouse. We sincerely hope for their happiness, and we ask for your continued attention and support.

Two bodyguards from @kium.dog, were sent to the rescue site of the dangerous slaughterhouse. Thanks to you, we were able to safely rescue without any personal danger.
The partner group KK9K, who worked together to rescue the dogs in Singok-dong slaughterhouse, will be responsible for 15 dogs.

KARA is funded entirely by donations. To support & donate to KARA via PayPal, please click this link.

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KARA is an animal rights group that has received perfect scores in non-profit transparency evaluation and is fully committed to honest donation management through external accounting audits.

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